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Policy Brief

Just Energy Transitions for All – Gender in just energy transitions

The transformation of the energy system away from coal has gender-specific impacts. These should be properly addressed in just transition strategies. A just energy transition can be seen as chance to make society fairer and more inclusive with respect to gender.
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A just energy transition aims to secure the participation of all those impacted by coal phase-out in the planning process, as well as ensuring the fair distribution of income generated in new economic structures. Recognising that the extractive industry is one of the most male-dominated sectors, the just inclusion of women in shaping the processes and distribution of the sector’s income requires specific attention, knowledge, and will, but it is necessary for many reasons. Firstly, women in mining regions are heavily impacted by the coal transition. Secondly, they are part of the solution: just transition plans that overlook women are missing out on valuable alternative opportunities for the region.

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