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Gender Just Transition: A path to system change

Over the course of almost four decades, the concept of a “just transition” has undergone a transformative journey. Rooted in the protection of workers’ rights, it has evolved into a broader movement advocating for systemic change.

This report from the Women’s Environment & Development Organization (WEDO) highlights the need for solidarity with workers worldwide, in line with just transition’s original purpose of safeguarding workers’ rights, as well as advocating for a gender just transition grounded in structural transformation.

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WEDO’s call for a structural change is deeply rooted in feminist ideology and principles without which, this report argues, the long-fought-for just transition may perpetuate the same systems of oppression, exploitation, and extraction of both people and the planet.

The report aims to enhance understanding of what a “gender just transition” means at a global and macroeconomic level, contextualise a just transition beyond the narrow framework of energy alone, and posit the need for contextualised solutions across communities, countries, regions, and sectors. It also aims to offer a framework for review when considering a gender just transition at a national level and uplift key demands on how to best integrate gender equality into the technical advocacy work.

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