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A Just Transition in Colombia

Maintaining and implementing the Colombian government’s climate ambitions poses a substantial challenge. A just transition approach can help by promoting priority climate actions that maximise development and social justice outcomes. Fortunately, extensive synergies exist between climate and social development imperatives.

A report from NewClimate Institute outlines the main findings and recommendations on a just transition in Colombia, including priorities, support needs, and potential socio-economic benefits.

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As Columbia’s economy is heavily reliant on fossil fuel production and exports, the energy transition poses major risks on both the supply side and the demand side. Key considerations for a just transition include employment and job transitions, impacts on income, as well as environmental and community rehabilitation.

Transitioning away from fossil fuels will lead to declines or shifts in related industries, requiring careful management of job transitions for affected workers. Compensation, training, and social protection are essential measures to facilitate a just transition for jobs.

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