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A Just Transition to Address Climate Change in the African Context

Africa’s climate context reveals the need for the region to build climate resilience in its transformation. Despite its minimal contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions, Africa is heavily impacted by the detrimental effects of climate change.

This report from the African Development Bank Group seeks to explore and examine the concept of just transition to better understand its role in confronting climate change in the African context.

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Current challenges, including those in economic and climate contexts, must be addressed to allow Africa to attain its transformation goals. This report outlines the considerations for a just transition in Africa, recognising the need for development and the diverse economic and social circumstances across the continent.

The report presents the foundations for just transition and provides prominent frameworks that can better inform its potential operationalisation in the African context. A just transition can enable African countries to achieve greater equality in the distribution of wealth and ensure that climate action is integrated into development activities.


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