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Just Energy Transition Partnerships: Market capture or climate justice?

Just Energy Transition Partnerships (JETPs) have been heralded by governments of the Global North as a turning point in the transition away from fossil fuel economies, as templates for Just Transitions, and as a model example of Global North-South cooperation.

There has been a concerted effort to position JETPs as a key part of the emerging mainstream of climate and development policies tailored for the Global South.

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But the reality is that the JETPs represent the worlds of international development and international finance at an historical inflection point, where the need to address – and be seen to address – climate crisis has become undeniable, while attempts to move meaningfully beyond a neoliberal paradigm remain undesirable for the players of international finance.

This dichotomy is reflected in the curious mix of innovation and ‘business as usual’ found in the JETP frameworks – whereby calls for Just Transition, popularised by the 2016 Paris Agreement, and the supposed conversion to ‘green’ causes by the likes of major multilateral development institutions, sit alongside old orthodoxies of public-private partnership, energy liberalisation and private sector-led approaches to development.

This report offers an outline of nine core principles for a more equitable climate development model centred on Just Energy Transitions, formulated around the tenets of A More Just Deal for the Global South, A Democratic Transition & Defending Energy Sovereignty and Energy Security.

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