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Just Energy Transition Glossary

The Just Energy Transition Glossary explains a variety of terms used across just energy transition (JET) topics based on a literature review. It serves as a comprehensive reference guide, offering definitions and explanations of key terms related to JET.

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Comprising accessible explanations, the Just Energy Transition Glossary caters to various audiences, including policy-makers, industry professionals, academics, civil society organizations, trade unions, and economic actors. References lead to further readings.

From green jobs to technical mine closure and energy justice, the glossary provides a common understanding of essential concepts. With a shared understanding of the vocabulary that underpins the processes, the work toward low-carbon, climate-resilient energy systems and sustainable and just local economies and communities can be sharpened. As just energy transitions are continuously evolving, the glossary is a starting collection of concepts and developments and can be expanded with emerging terms.

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