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Policy Brief

On Equal Terms: Supporting an inclusive extractive sector in the energy transition

The oil, gas and mining industries are predominantly male-dominated, and structural barriers pose challenges for women and gender-diverse individuals to fully participate and benefit from the sector.

While studies have shown that a diversified workforce can bring significant economic benefits, women experience the greatest burden of the negative social, economic and environmental impacts of extractive activities in their communities.

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Decarbonisation, as a complex and multi-dimensional process, presents both risks and opportunities concerning the social, economic, and environmental impacts of the extractive sector. Recognising and addressing gender inequalities, potential livelihood losses, and barriers to participation in the management of these risks is essential for achieving an inclusive and just energy transition.

This policy brief aims to help Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) stakeholders understand how the EITI Standard can support efforts to promote a gender-diverse industry in the context of the energy transition by using data disclosed through the EITI.

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