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LCAW 2024: Alliance for a Just Energy Transformation in Action

As part of London Climate Action Week 2024, the Alliance for a Just Energy Transformation (AJET) is hosting a small gathering of key organisations involved in just energy transition to discuss future priorities and highlight progress on current initiatives. These initiatives include integrating just energy transition principles into nationally determined contributions (NDCs) and examples of AJET in action. There will be a question-and-answer and casual networking session to foster stronger collaboration in finding climate solutions.

AJET members recognise that an integrated and managed energy transition should be driven by a bottom-up approach and guided by the principles of procedural, distributional, restorative, recognitional, and intergenerational justice. AJET exists to unite organisations and identify frameworks, policies, and measures to support the people-centered and nature-based delivery of clean energy for development-driven transitions.

This is an invitation-only event with limited capacity. Those interested in joining can register first, and the committee will be in touch soon.

Speakers include:

  • Dean Cooper, Global Energy Lead, WWF.
  • Mike Hayes, Global Head of RE and Climate Change, KPMG.
  • Tanyeli Sabuncu, Climate and Energy Practice Manager, WWF-Türkiye.
  • Jeremy Buhain, Consultant, Neyen.
  • Andrea Wainer, Project Manager, REN21.

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