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Just Transition Work Programme: Increasing ambition and implementation of just transitions in the next round of NDCs

If all current nationally determined contributions (NDCs) were fully implemented, their combined effect would still be insufficient to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement. With a new round of NDCs being developed this year, we have a crucial window of opportunity to push for robust policies to keep 1.5°C or even 2°C targets within sight.

Currently, only 31% of NDCs incorporate social dimensions and reference just transitions. However, research from the South to South project has shown that NDCs that account for just transitions are more likely to attract international public and private investment. By integrating just transitions into their NDCs, countries signal to stakeholders, including vulnerable populations, that just transitions are a long-term national priority.

The Just Transition Work Programme could help draft feasible targets for just transitions, mainstream social justice, and integrate considerations for just transitions across implementation areas. This event from Climate Strategies will explore how NDCs that incorporate strategies for just transitions can ramp up ambition and implementation, paving the way to achieving shared climate goals.  

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