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Just Transition and the Labour Market in South Africa

South Africa is in the early stages of transitioning away from a fossil fuel-based economy and navigating the socio-economic costs this will entail. As a source of employment and livelihood for many South Africans, coal has a direct and indirect economic footprint.

The Presidential Climate Commission and Development Policy Research Unit – UCT Commerce – will hold a webinar on research entitled Just Transition and the Labour Market in South Africa: Measuring individual and household coal economy dependence. This research contributes to the evolving debate on South Africa’s just transition policies by providing a robust empirical estimate of the coal labour market in the country and the related coal-based electrical utility industry in Mpumalanga.

This research provides a robust quantitative estimate of jobs – both direct and indirect – associated with the coal sector in South Africa. It also explores the labour market profile and characteristics of the individuals and households linked to the coal sector.

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