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Just Transition Dialogues: Foregrounding youth for economic diversification in Indian coal regions

The Just Transition Research Centre of the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (JTRC IIT Kanpur) will hold a just transition dialogue focusing on youth for economic diversification in Indian coal regions on July 18-19, 2024. India’s young people, representing one-fifth of the country and the future of coal regions, need to be actively involved in just transition processes.

This event seeks to foster meaningful youth engagement in crafting just transition policies. The two-day event will explore the best ways to mainstream youth participation, covering how young people can enjoy the benefits of economic diversification, and mapping the skills and opportunities available in the just energy transition.

June 18 

10:45 – 12:05

Panel 1: Mainstreaming youth in climate and just energy transition discourse  

Themes for the panel:
• The evolution of youth participation in climate change discourse
• The significance of youth participation in climate and energy discourse
• Deconstructing and reconstructing youth as a heterogenous category with focus on gender, caste and class

12:10 – 13:30

Panel 2: Economic diversification and youth: Exploring alternative livelihoods

Themes for the panel:
• Various opportunities for economic diversification for youth: formal economy, entrepreneurship, and gig platforms
• Existing livelihood options for young people
• Ways to enhance entrepreneurship potential of the youth
• Resource gaps that can prevent youth to draw benefits from diversification activities

14:30 – 15:50

Panel 3: Reskilling/upskilling youth in Indian coal regions: Challenges and opportunities

Themes for the panel:
• Existing and emerging challenges of designing and implementing skill development among youth
• Challenges and opportunities of integrating youth aspirations while designing skill development programs
• Ways to close the skill gaps among youth based on existing and emerging employment and industry opportunities
• Gender-sensitive skilling programs

16:10 – 17:30

Panel 4: Just transition and youth: Igniting aspirations and way forward

Themes for the panel:
• Building awareness of alternative livelihood options
• Future of youth

June 19

09:30 – 10:50

Panel 5: Building strong stakeholder network for promoting youth centric development

Themes for the panel:
• The significance of international collaboration in pushing youth oriented just transition agenda
• The role of civil society organisation in promoting youth-centric just transition policies
• The role of labour unions in engaging youth in just transition discourse
• Financing youth-centric just transition

11:15 – 12:40

Panel 6: Engaging youth in just transition decision making

Themes for the panel:
• Building capacities of the youth in coal-dependent regions for effective participation in just transition governance
• Harnessing the power of local governing bodies to push youth-centric just transition policies
• Rights based approach to engaging youth in just transition decision making

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