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Just Energy Transition for All – Gendering the debate

Linkages between the energy transition and gender (in)equality have been lacking attention. A just transition away from coal can be understood as an opportunity to transform unequal gendered power structures, as well as gender norms and roles, to create more gender equal circumstances. At the same time, research has shown that gender perspectives, through the inclusion of women in all their diversity, can contribute to more effective climate policies.  

For the development of just energy transition plans, it is crucial that women who live in coal communities have a strong voice in their elaboration and are recognised for their contributions in different sectors. Women are key actors in mining communities across multiple sectors—for example, as workers, entrepreneurs, or family care takers. If just gender-sensitive transition policies are not established, gender inequality will likely be perpetuated or even exacerbated. Other intersection factors, such as age, race, class, income, and others, must be considered as well; otherwise, existing inequalities will be reproduced and reinforced. This expert exchange aims to contribute to the policy debate on the just energy transition and its link to gender and discuss policy recommendations with and for stakeholders in coal transition regions. 

The event is the second in a series of Expert Exchanges to encourage peer-to-peer exchange, learning together, and sharing knowledge.  

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  • Welcome and scene setting, Introduction to key terms
  • Contextualizing Gender in the project “Innovation Regions for Just Energy Transitions” (IKI-JET)
  • Main findings of the World Bank Study: Just Transition for All: A Feminist Approach for the Coal Sector
  • Experiences from IKI-JET Partner countries: Colombia & Chile
    • Insights from the regions:
          • Cesar & La Guajira (Colombia)
          • Quintero-Puchuncaví (Chile)
    • Challenges and opportunities at regional level
    • Gender & coal phase out / gender & energy in the Comisión Económica para América Latina (CEPAL)
  • Open discussion and Q&A
  • Closure and outlook to next events

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