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JT:READY: Launch of the Just Transition Readiness Evaluation Tool

The next edition of the CINTRAN capacity-building programme is aimed at practitioners and those interested in learning more about the just energy transition in coal regions across Europe. This interactive webinar will introduce the new ‘Just Transition Readiness Evaluation Tool’ (JT:READY) which aims to enable policy-makers and practitioners in coal and carbon-intensive regions across Europe to utilise a whole-system approach to just transition and learn how it can translate into local action. The tool provides a comprehensive overview of the topics that influence just transition policy development and suggestions and examples for policy responses.

The webinar will feature keynote speakers explaining how the tool is structured and how it functions in practice. Several case studies will be presented, showcasing regional insights and the role that such a tool can play for stakeholders and decision-makers. The webinar will conclude with a discussion during which all participants are encouraged to share challenges and opportunities from their respective regions.

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