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People-Centred Clean Energy Transitions: Designing for Fairness

Ensuring that clean energy transitions provide benefits and minimise costs is top of mind for many policy-makers. Analysis from the recently released IEA report Strategies for Affordable and Fair Transitions shows that when all costs of delivering energy are considered, accelerating transitions brings a cheaper energy system. However, making this shift requires major investments aimed at increasing affordability, and ultimately access, of energy services and technology for all.

The session will bring together key experts to explore the following questions:

+ How can policymakers ensure clean energy policies do not disproportionately burden vulnerable populations? Which strategies can be used to identify and mitigate these risks during the policy design phase?

+ Which measures have proven effective in making clean energy technologies more affordable for low-income communities, and how can these strategies be adapted to different country contexts with varying fiscal capacities?

+ What measures and processes can be taken to mitigate the socio-economic impacts on communities and workers hit hardest by clean energy transitions and closure of high-emission industries?

This webinar will also mark the launch of the new Global Commission on People-Centred Clean Energy Transitions: Designing for Fairness.

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