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Enabling a Just Transition

Alongside the World Bank and International Monetary Fund Annual meetings in Marrakesh, Foreign Policy and the Environmental Defense Fund will host a public briefing to advance meaningful dialogue on enabling a just transition to lower-carbon and more climate-resilient economies around the world. The event will bring together leaders across government, private sector and civil society to explore policies, partnerships and innovative financing mechanisms aimed at an inclusive low-carbon transition that addresses the needs of vulnerable populations.

The briefing aims to showcase how an inclusive and just transition, combined with the adoption of advanced technologies, can produce many benefits, including the creation of jobs, improved electricity accessibility, reduced health problems related to air pollution, and inequality reduction, among other benefits. However, the transition must be carefully managed to avoid negative impacts such as unsustainable mining, biodiversity loss and displacement of people from native lands. While just transition policy frameworks are being developed, more action is needed to embed equity and hold governments and companies accountable.

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